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Rangers kill 5 Lyari Gangsters in Two Encounters

Posted by on Saturday, March 7, 2015, 10:53
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During twin overnight encounters, the rangers wiped out at least five significant operatives of Lyari gang-war; the miscreants were involved in heinous crimes including targeted killings of over 70 people, reported on Saturday.

According to the spokesman of the paramilitary force, some miscreants opened gunfire at the security personnel standing guard at Lyari’s Dubai Chowk. Springing into retaliation, the security men returned the attack in which two vital gangsters were killed.

The killed outlaws were identified as Shahbaz alias Shebo and Nazim alias Sharabi. The duo belonged to Lyari-based Ghaffar Zikri group.

The two goons were involved in multiple criminal counts including targeted killings, kidnapping for ransom and over 20 extortion mafia activities.

Meantime, the paratroopers also encountered another group of hoodlums in Raxor Lane of Lyari and gunned down three of them.

The killed criminals were identified as Ali alias Jhatpat, Ameer Bux and Khuda Bux. The three gang-war operatives were involved in targeted killings of 74 people.

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