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Refusal to Polio Vaccination a Criminal Offense

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Polio Vaccination

Polio Vaccination

A resolution was passed by the house unanimously, seeking joint efforts for elimination of polio disease from the country, recommending a seven year jail term for parents who refuse to vaccinate their children against the crippling virus. Moreover, a six year jail term was recommended for anyone who attacks polio workers.

The resolution, presented by Minister of State for National Health Service Saira Afzal Tarrar, called for immediate launch of a vigorous anti-polio vaccination programme. It said that all lawmakers should monitor the campaign in their respective constituencies.

Majority of the MNAs agreed that refusing to vaccinate children against polio is a criminal offense. They stressed upon the need for legislation to ensure that polio drops are administered on all children under the age of five.

Religious scholars were also requested to cooperate in spreading awareness and to dispel rumors that surround the vaccination.

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