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Rs9.5mn Heist in Cahoots with Bank Guard (Karachi)

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With a security guard on their side, armed robbers got away with Rs9.5 million after they ransacked a private bank situated in a posh area of the metropolis, Media News reported late Monday night.


The CCTV footage, acquired by the Media News, showed how the commercial bank situated in Block-6 of PECHS area on Sharae-Faisal was swept clean by the masked muggers after the broken reed, the guard, had let them in, commit the heist, and then flee the crime scene safely.

In the footage the accomplice could be seen talking to someone on the cellular phone, most probably one of the heisters, just before it all started. Moments later, in walked the gun-wielding men wearing surgical masks, who helped themselves to the strongroom, bagged the loot, and hit the road in cahoots with the lookout man.

Police said the robbers, five in number, entered the bank from the backdoor at 9:11 PM, held the staff at gunpoint and perpetrated a perfect holdup.

The bank guard was also nowhere to be found after the dacoity. An investigation has been launched into the incident.

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