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Selectors Finalise Pakistan World Cup 2011 squad

Posted by on Wednesday, December 15, 2010, 11:25
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The Pakistan selection committee’s meeting to finalise players for the World Cup’s preliminary squad and the One-Day Internationals (ODI) for the New Zealand tour begun with a spat.

Pakistan World Cup 2011 squad
Pakistan World Cup 2011 squad

The two-day selection committee meeting that started yesterday under chief selector Mohsin Khan saw disagreement on the selection of some players and soon witnessed a walk-out by selector Mohammad Illyas after an argument with the chief selector.

According to the details, Ilyas objected on the selection of a few players in the ODI squad which he believed do not deserve a place for the format.

“Ilyas had an argument over the inclusion of certain players including Fawad Alam and Shahzaib Hasan in the squad,” a member of the committee. “He argued that both players had been given enough chances which they didn’t avail and left the meeting following an exchange of words with Khan.”

Illyas, a few days ago, resigned as selector when Alam was named in the Twenty20 squad for the tour of New Zealand. However, he reversed his decision after the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ijaz Butt refused to accept his resignation. Ilyas, however, confirmed that he will be attending today’s meeting.

Meanwhile, a PCB official said that the selector contacted a board official to protest his case in the absence of the chairman who was in Bangladesh for the Asian Cricket Council meeting.

“Ilyas has contacted the board’s officials but was told to speak to the PCB chairman to discuss the issue. “He will now meet him and give his version.”

Khan, meanwhile, decided against commenting on the issue.

Squads to be finalised today

The chief selector said the committee discussed various options on the first day of the meeting saying that the final list of 30 players for the World Cup’s preliminary squad would be finalised today.

“We are yet to finalise the squad which we will following the second day of meeting today,” said Khan who has already met captain Shahid Afridi and coach Waqar Younis to discuss the selection.

“I have already taken versions of the coach and the captain. The team would be selected with the consent of the selection committee and the team management,” said the chief selector who refrained from giving the exact announcement time.

“We can announce the team anytime after getting approval by the PCB chairman.”

Meanwhile, according to a PCB official the preliminary squad for World Cup will be announced today while the selectors may hold announcement of the ODI squad for New Zealand. The ICC has set December 19 as deadline to send initial squad for the World Cup.

PCB chief rules out China as neutral venue

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ijaz Butt has ruled out the possibility of holding a home series in China. He said the country that held the Asian Games this year is not ready to host international cricket.

“It is not possible to play our home series in China in the near future,” Butt, who returned from Bangladesh after attending the Asian Cricket Council meeting, told reporters at the Karachi airport.

“Various things come under consideration when it comes to international cricket. China need time to establish infrastructure of international standards.”

The chairman also dismissed the notion of differences with the Bangladesh board. “We have no issues with them, in fact they have promised to send their team sometime next year.

“We are also in talks with other boards. Hopefully international cricket will soon return to Pakistan.”

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91 Responses to “Selectors Finalise Pakistan World Cup 2011 squad”

  1. Mehad ali
    2011.01.19 16:16

    S Afridi is Best for captan world cup very very nice captan i like so much .plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do not captan any one 4 Wc.

  2. Anonymous
    2011.01.19 18:33

    please get aamer in woldcup.he is very good bowler 

    2011.01.19 19:30

    u should take this team1.imran nazir2.kamran akmal3.umar akmal4.mohd.yousuf5.younis khan6.shahid afridi7.abd,razak8.mohd.aamir9.umar,gul10.s.akther11.ajmal12.suhail.tanveer                                                           ya suparb team world 1st clss team

  4. kashif pakistani
    2011.01.25 22:32

    salam to all. Insha Allah Pakistan yeh world cup zrur jeetay ga. Aamin

  5. Anonymous
    2011.01.26 03:02

    aamir wapis aaja yaaar

  6. mohad ur rehman
    2011.01.26 18:02

    PAKISTAN WILL MAKE INDIA CRY BY BEATING ITs TEAM BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 😈 😈

  7. Anonymous
    2011.01.27 09:19

    abey ijaz butt ke bache tu kisi din samne to a tujhe jaan se na mara to mera naam bhi imran nazir nahi aur agar to pitna nahi chata to mujhe,mohammad aamir,mohammad asif aur rana naveed ko 2011 ka squad me dal aur sohail tanveer ko squad me say hata jis ko ball karana ati nahi hai aur jab karata he to tang toot jati hai shahid afridi ko bol tojhe agar bathroom jana hota hai to kar ke aya kar warna stadium me akar kar uchla mat kar aur sugar ke mariz misbah ko bol jab to 2007 ke final me itna mara us ke bad tujhe yad aya ke jab tak hamare ander keeere nahi uchla nahi to tumne zabar dasti uchlne lag gai to catch de kar agai

  8. adeel malik
    2011.01.27 10:14

    hi friends pakistan is a world best team and can perform under dificult condition

  9. Sharique
    2011.01.27 12:05

    australia jetega

  10. waqas and tochi
    2011.01.27 18:27


  11. NINI
    2011.01.27 18:31


  12. fazli waheed
    2011.01.27 19:46

    pakistan world cup jetaiga INSHALLAH

  13. fazli waheed
    2011.01.27 19:48

    I think Amir & Umar akmal is great players for world cup

  14. jaan see
    2011.01.27 23:04

    :mrgreen: 😯 😈 😡 😉 😡

  15. anonymous
    2011.01.28 09:47

    all u pakistanis improve ur english and  indai izzz d BEST 8) 8) 8) 8)

    2011.01.28 10:01

    PLEASE DO NOT SEND any Pakistani team to the world cup…. Rather give each of them some cash and a GUN to create some chaos in their neighboring countries during this World Cup…. Pakistanis look good with GUNS and BOMBS than with BAT and BALLS…. Wherever Pakistanis go, whatever they do, they create MESS…. GOD BLESS PAKISTAN….

  17. World Cup captain Shahid Afridi
    2011.01.31 22:04

    I hear that shahid afridi will be the captain of world cup 2011 squad from sources.

  18. 2011.02.01 13:52

    Perfect squad – Wasim

    u should take this team
    1.imran nazir
    2.kamran akmal
    3.umar akmal
    5.MOhammed hafiz
    6.shahid afridi
    12.suhail.tanveer :

  19. Anonymus
    2011.02.01 16:00

    Why is Pakistan not including Imran nazir in squad

  20. Anonymous
    2011.02.02 16:31

    my worldcup team 4 pakistan 

    kamran akmal 
    mohd hafees
    yunus khan
    shoeib malik 
    umar akmal
    shahid afridi
    abdul razzaq
    shohail tanvir
    wahab riaz
    shaheed ajmal

  21. Anonymous
    2011.02.02 19:31

    sharukh pakistan jite ga paka or maa bhen kon kerta he ye to dekh lin

  22. Anonymous
    2011.02.02 19:32

    khas tor pr india ki

  23. pakistan squad for world cup 2011
    2011.02.06 13:58

    Dear selectors good afternoon. I dont know how you selected the team for pakistan is really questionable because better player and experience players available in your country but why left them is not known where is mohammed yousuf, imran nazir and yaseer hameed why i’m telling is all these batsman can bat really well your couching style only totally wrong because shahid afridi can bat well but he is not staying he want only to hit not to bat if bat means i’m saying will crossed 10,000 already because he crossed more than 310 matches why he can’t acheive this only because he is short temper pakistan players all hit the ball well but not stand that is problem. First appoint a meditation person then all is yours lost and victory come and go but standard to be there . Thanks you . If I said anything wrong sorry

  24. pakistan squad for world cup 2011
    2011.02.06 14:08

    Shahid afridi, imran nazir, yaseer hameed, kamran akmal, umar akmal, younis khan, mohammed yousuf, abdul razaak, ahmed sheshad, asad shafiq, mohammed hafeez, shoaib akthar, shohail tanvir, wahab riaz and umar gul

  25. Sorry for I forget to include misbah ul haq he is also in 16 man squad

  26. haqqani
    2011.02.08 16:41

    where is imran nazir,ijaz but i will c u!

  27. FAHAD
    2011.02.09 16:21

    pakistan zedabad

  28. FAHAD
    2011.02.09 16:25

    mari team kamranakmal ahmad abul razzaq shiad afrid Uamer akmal mummad yousef wab raiz seaad ajmal uamer GUL

  29. fahad mehboob
    2011.02.09 16:27


  30. fahad mehboob
    2011.02.09 16:30

    😆 :mrgreen: 💡

  31. fahad mehboob
    2011.02.09 16:32

    PAKISTAN ZEDABAD 😉 😐 😡 😈 🙂 😯 🙁 🙄 😛 😳 😮 :mrgreen: 😆 💡 😀 👿 😥 8) ➡ 😕 ❗

    2011.02.09 16:37


  33. mahmud bangali
    2011.02.09 21:17

    afridi is al the best in the world he is one of the man for hiting big six he can do any thing any time go on afridi I suport you

  34. masrafee
    2011.02.09 21:24

    m aamir all right he doesn’t lie >FUCK ENLAND

  35. POPA % SP
    2011.02.09 22:57


  36. Anonymous
    2011.02.10 20:50

    pakistan zinda bad inshallah pak fight kare ga world cup 2011 mai agar muhammad amir or salman butt hotay to buhat umid thi k pak world cup jeet jata sub log pak k liay dua karen 🙂

  37. faisal khan
    2011.02.11 18:07

    shahid afridi(captain),misbah ul haq(vice captain),hafeez,shazad,yunuas,umar akhmal,kamran,umar gul,aktar,saeed ajmal,abdur rehman,addul razaaq,wahab riaz,junaid khan,asad shafiq .ALL THE BEST mainly aktar not forget line-lenth and afridi take time during bating and improve more bowling .

  38. Anonymous
    2011.02.12 10:46

    Sir Muhammad Yousaf is very good player and he is fit in domestic matches i don’t know why the selector do not select Muhammad Yousaf.He is experience batsman 

  39. alam
    2011.02.13 23:39

    pakistan team is stronger than all teams if they will play for the country.
    inshallah pakistan will win the worldcup.we all will pray for our team.

  40. hunain
    2011.02.14 12:19

    pakistan k itnay b boray din nahi aye k wo india se haarey ga……. i really hope k ye world cup pakistan hi jeetay ga.

  41. chandu lullee
    2011.02.14 20:12

    Pakistan ki pori awam ko dua karni chaia ke pak achi position ke sath numayan rahe

  42. samad
    2011.02.17 11:58

    INSHALLAH pak jeetey ga

  43. naveed memon
    2011.02.17 11:59

    sub dua karoo pakistani team k liye mujhay umeed hai pak won the worldcup 2011

  44. ripen
    2011.03.06 22:17

    pakistan is world champian afridi aga barho hum tumhara saat hai
    india 😳

  45. ripen
    2011.03.06 22:19

    icc 😈 😳 :mrgreen: 👿

  46. SUMBAL
    2011.03.15 10:57

    INSHALLAH PAKISTAN will win…………………..the openers should be afridi and kamran akmal nd ABDUL RAZAK should in at 5………………then no one stop us recieving the WORLD CUP. <3 <3 <3 <3

  47. aitazaz
    2011.03.29 11:17

    inshallah pakistani team is dafa world cup jeeeeeeeeeeet ker pakistan ay gi

  48. aitazaz
    2011.03.29 11:21

    india mar jaway ga per world cup nahi lay ker jay ga kyu k world cup ta pakistan lay kay ayga :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😈 😐

  49. goodwill
    2011.03.31 13:28

    Pakistan already lost it, sure they fix the match. We have bad history of corrupted leaders and politicians and players.

  50. Anonymous
    2011.04.11 13:07

    aamir ajai :mrgreen: 😈 🙁 😯 😮 😳 👿

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