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Shahid Kapoor & Sonakshi Movie R Rajkumar Review

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Prabhu Dheva’s “R…Rajkumar” is the latest in a series of ‘masala entertainers’ that Bollywood churns out with alarming regularity. These films follow the same commandments, so watching one is like watching the other, and their reviews are no different.

R Rajkumar

R Rajkumar

Here are the five commandments that film-makers follow while making these movies.

The hero shall have no other purpose in life but to win over his love and annihilate the villain
Shahid Kapur, who plays the title role, is obsessed with Chanda (Sonakshi Sinha), calling her his “lollipop”, making lewd kissing noises and stalking her. When his mob boss (Sonu Sood) falls in love with Chanda, Rajkumar decides to fight him and the rest of the gang. Why elope to a different city and live a peaceful, non-violent life when you can beat up people with wooden horses and waste litres and litres of fake blood?

The leading lady is spunky and independent till she meets the hero. Then she magically transforms into a doormat
Sonakshi Sinha is a prime example. Not just in this film, but pretty much every movie she’s done so far. Here she beats the living daylights out of men who are harassing women in a crowded market. But when Rajkumar stalks her, she shoos him away with a nonsensical song. She then falls in love with her stalker, runs to him for help when the villain starts making advances, and sheds quiet tears while the love of her life is beaten up.

The Writing, just like the Characters, has to be Crass
There are men hitting women, elderly men being stripped, and lyrics that could qualify as swear words. There is a villain who is bathed by women, and action scenes that make third-degree torture look better.

Make the Audience Deaf
To take attention away from the film’s apparent flaws, the background music is set at ear-shattering levels. It is hoped the audience will be so numbed by the noise, they’ll forget to look for any logic in the film.

Take the Viewers for Granted
Why wouldn’t this formula of violence, sex masquerading as romance, and lowbrow humour work, when Bollywood audiences have accepted it in the past? So take the same combination and milk it dry, without stopping to consider that little thing called creativity or originality. And then rope in an actor, who is obviously taken in by the success of his competitors in this genre, and wants to jump on the billion-rupee film bandwagon — and contribute to the worst kind of cinema.

“R…Rajkumar” follows all these commandments up to the hilt. The good news is this is the last of such films this year. The bad news — it’s certainly not the last of them. 2014 will see more of these movies being churned out. That’s one reason not to look forward to the new year.

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