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Sharjil Memon Launches Scathing Attack on Sharif Brothers

Posted by on Monday, October 10, 2011, 10:52
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In a scathing statement, Sindh Information Secretary Sharjil Memon described Sharif brothers as “bhagoray brothers” who regard politics as a source of money-making business.

Sharjil Memon
Sharjil Memon

He said billions of rupees can be recovered from Sharif brothers if a probe is conducted through a joint investigation team (JIT).

“I feel pity for helplessness of Sharif brothers in lust for power,” he said.

The provincial minister said Sharif brothers want to use public for grabbing power.

Shahbaz Sharif and his front man Hamza Shahbaz are looting billions of rupees in the name of Sasti Roti Scheme, he alleged.

He further said that money is being plundered in the name of dengue spray also.

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