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Shireen Mazari Resigns From Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI)

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In what appeared to be a big-blow to the Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), its senior leader and one of the old guards  Shireen Mazari has resigned from the party.

Shireen Mazari

Shireen Mazari

She said that the party’s  membership drive was hijacked by ‘big money’ and that compromised the party elections.

“Party program has been taken over by ‘big money,” she posted on social networking site twitter.

“The think tanks were isolated from policy formulation. Party created compromised policies PTI has changed its principles and brought in intermediaries Not leaving PTI for any other party, purely based on political issues” she wrote.

“I regretfully resign as people had real hopes with PTII felt it better to resign after the Rajanpur incident. There were many differences between me and the party recently PTI didn’t need political names after the Lahore Jalsa. People supported PTI due to their ideology,” she added.

“I didn’t ask for any high post, purely out of commitment to ideology.I have given in my resignation from PTI.

In a press conference here on Wednesday, she said that the   PTI was a youth party, but the way they treated her daughter on twitter, abusing her over my remarks, was unacceptable.

“I did not disrespect the leader, I have great respect for Imran Khan, but he made a grave mistake”.

“I am not raising allegations against IK’s character, but the party principles have been foregone.I support a culture of change that PTI promised, but the party is internally blocking change”.

“I am ready to serve PTI again if the party lives up to its principles.”My resignation is not based on personal differences rather on policy and governance issues.

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