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Solar Energy Plant in Pakistan

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Energy crisis in Pakistan is neither new nor it is going to end any time soon, we know this for a fact. While you may agree that energy situation has just bettered (during Ramzan) but we arenโ€™t sure if it is going to remain the same in coming days or not. I personally suppose that situation may remain uncertain for at least few years.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Considering the situation, businesses and home users have long been working to find the best alternate energy solutions to meet their energy requirements. UPS is a solution for some, generators for others but both involve energy input in one way or the other, leaving the whole equation somewhat unviable, especially when 16 out of 24 hours are spent without power.

Solar power is one avenue where Pakistanis have found the ultimate solution. It requires no external input โ€“ other than the sun shine โ€“ and can operate flawlessly for years and years.

General impression is that solar energy is expensive. It is. But probably not as much as one might think. Also the cost that solar energy can save you in the long-run brings you equally good ROI for well-structured investments made today.

In this post we will try to give you an idea of estimated cost that setting up solar energy system may require. So letโ€™s go straight away to the business.
Planning the Solar Energy Plant

First thing you would want to do is to plan the solar energy plant as per your load requirement. That is, calculating the magnitude of electric load your solar plant will be required to produce.

For the purpose, the first thing you need to do is to make a list of things that you would want to run on Solar energy. Naturally, more load will mean more investment requirement and vice versa.
Power Required for Home Appliances:

To help you with calculating the energy load, we are listing below few things with the respective energy load they consume to operate:

Energy Saver: 10/20/40 Watts
Fan: 90-110 Watts
Some Older fans consumer 120 Watts
Tube Lights:
Full tube: 40 Watts
Half tube: 20 Watts
LED Bulbs: 7 Watts
LED TV (Almost all sizes): 30 to 40 Watts
LCD TV (Almost all sizes): 90-100 Watts
Old TVs: 300-400 Watts
Iron: 1000 Watts
Refrigerator: They consume 250 Watts to 700 Watts depending on make and type
Deep Freezers: 600 Watts
Water Motor
half horse power: 325 Watts
One Horse Power: 750 Watts
Laptop: 15-20 Watts
Router/Modems/Chargers (Combined): 10-15 Watts
During first half an hour or so when compressor runs at full throttle: 2800-3000 Watts
Rest of the time when temperature settles down: 1500 Watts
Invertor ACs:
During first half an hour or so when compressor runs at full throttle: 1800 Watts
Rest of the time when temperature settles down: 500-600 Watts

Items listed above and their corresponding energy requirements may vary for different situations, depending on conditions, make and their age. But we can take above mentioned values to plan our solar energy plant.

Just to mention, Invertor type ACs are comparatively a new thing, they cost little extra. For example a 1.5 ton Invertor AC from Haier will cost you around Rs. 60,000 as compared to Rs. 40,000 for usual AC from the same company. But they save energy and are usually recommended when your energy source is powered by a solar system.
Things you need for Solar Energy Plant

Below are three things that you will need during the entire setup of

Solar Panels

Solar panels are those black plates installed on roof tops. These panels are responsible for converting the sun-shine into electric energy. These solar panels come on per watts basis, that is, a solar panel can be of 100 watts. Putting two such panels will get you 200 watts and so on.

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