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Something About Ubuntu

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That Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distro these days seems to be a matter of relatively little dispute, and certainly, it’s not hard to see why. The distro has a variety of features that make it particularly easy to use, especially for beginners. With the recent release of Lucid Lynx, however, the rapturous jubilation seems to have reached epic proportions. To wit: “Ubuntu 10.04 — Perfect” was the title of one blog Managed hostings solutions for e-commerce, web apps, blogs and more. Click here to learn more. post on the release, generating no fewer than 140 comments there before racking up another 400 or so on Digg.



“Lucid Lynx rocks!” was the conclusion over at Desktop Linux Reviews, while the post, “Why Ubuntu excites me more than Windows or Macintosh” has also made quite a stir. A Linuxy Je Ne Sais Quoi

What Linux Girl wants to know is, what’s up with all that?

Sure, Ubuntu has many great features, and sure, 10.04 might be fabulous, but this seems to be a matter of more than just ordinary user satisfaction. Plenty of other distros have great features too, after all, along with very devoted users.

It’s hard to question anything that generates excitement about Linux, but to call it “perfect”? Something more is going on here, and Linux Girl wants to know what.

How, in other words, to define this Linuxy je ne sais quoi?
‘One of the More Irritating Distros’

“Why Ubuntu? Your guess is as good as mine,” Slashdot blogger hairyfeet retorted. “I honestly just don’t get it. If anything, their crazy release schedule makes it one of the more irritating distros I’ve dealt with.”

Not only that, but “is there no QA testing?” hairyfeet wondered. “Because I have YET to have an upgrade of Ubuntu not break something, be it sound, wireless, video, always something.”

When that happens, “it is welcome to 1979 and sitting at a terminal all day typing arcane ‘recipes’ hoping that this or that ‘fix’ will work, which rarely ever does unless you tweak the living hell out of it!” hairyfeet said.

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