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The Future of In-Car Technology

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Technological progress is all around us. We are living in an age where convenience and connectivity is of utmost importance and value to everyone. It is imperative that we get these two together in every aspect of our lives whether we are at home, at school, in our office or even travelling from one place to another. Appliances and gadgets are constantly evolving to integrate seamlessly in our lives and such is also the case with automobiles.

Future of In-Car Technology

Future of In-Car Technology

Technology and Automobiles

Automobiles are becoming more versatile, each new model has more features and options to provide comfort and convenience to the driver and his passengers. Car makers realize that in order to retain their users they need to introduce new technologically advanced features. What started with the introduction of digital radios and powered windows and progressed to car mobile charging and USB plug-and-play has evolved into much more.

In-car Technologies at Play

At present, automobiles have systems to increase convenience while driving such as parking assist which helps in reverse and parallel parking. In addition to help find one’s way around the city there is SatNav which provides with directions and recommends the shortest, traffic-free route to one’s destination. There have also been improvements in vehicle safety with anti-lock braking system, airbags for every passenger seat and surround camera system which reduces blind-spots by feeding surrounding information to the navigating screen for the driver’s convenience.

Car makers today are also considerate of the need to provide better entertainment systems to their clients. Many models now have inbuilt rear seat entertainment systems along with surround sound systems and also charging ports for mobiles. To provide a comfortable travelling atmosphere there are personalized climate control systems for heated seats.

Future of In-Car Technologies

Automakers are constantly in the process of trying to provide new and improved in-car technologies. One of which is customized instrument display which integrates the infotainment system with speed, engine power and fuel gauges to provide all information to the driver in an integrated manner.

Another technology under development which may be possible is ‘autonomous driving’ to be introduced by Audi in their next A8 limousine due in 2016. The vehicle will be fitted with a supercomputer which will read inputs from a number of cameras, radars and sensors which will read the road ahead and then transmit driving instructions directly to the car. On the other hand, BMW plans to use GPS technology to drive the car around by the end of the decade.

The future of car technologies is sure to provide connectivity on the go to motorcar passengers connecting them with the internet in an integrated and seamless manner.

Likewise, internet has been adapted to facilitate the searching and buying process for car enthusiasts. Aforementioned car makersAudi,BMW and online companies like Carmudi use of their online platformextensivelyto showcasenewest in-carfeatures a vehicle has to offer in order to provide comfort, convenience, safety and ease of driving.

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