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Twenty Terrorists Killed in Shawal Blitz (Zarb-e-Azb)

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On the 39th day of Operation Zarb-e-Azb thundering in North Waziristan as many as 20 local/foreign terrorists were decimated while four isolated hideouts dismantled in a blitzkrieg on militant targets in Shawal Valley early Wednesday morning, media reported.

According to Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Mirali is being de-militantized without a major hitch while troops have made some significant strategic achievements especially in Mirali Bazaar.

“The forces seized a local ammunition manufacturing factory, a stockpile of of arms/ammo, scores of IEDs, and foreign currency in Mirali Bazaar”, the ISPR said.

Meanwhile, technical disposal and clearance of recovered IEDs and explosives was underway.

“At least six IED factories have been recovered in Miranshah so far”, the army said.

Relief Activities For IDPs…

About 142,866 food packs and 20,000 special Eid giftย  packages including clothes for ladies, toys and sports itemsย  for children have been handed out to IDP families so far, while distribution of more Eid gift packages is in progress.

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