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Unscreened Blood Infects 15 Kids With HIV Aids

Posted by on Thursday, December 4, 2014, 11:47
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In what could likely turn out to be one of the most alarming healthcare scandals to date, at least 15 minors suffering from thalassemia, an genetic blood disorder that requires frequent blood transfusions for the patient to live, were tested HIV-Positive, news reported.

There’s consensus among experts that transfusing unscreened blood is the most likely route of transferring these infections, which pins all the blame on blood banks that are guilty of not screening the donated blood.

Soon after exerting its virulence the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), which is still far from being curable.

Sources told Samaa that a non-government thalassemia organization was responsible for the arrangement of blood for these children.

“The responsibility of ensuring the blood is screened lies with the caregivers. This is an outrageously criminal negligence”, said a healthcare official calling on the government to hang the wrongdoers until death.

The authorities have decided to have all the children being managed by the said NGO tested for HIV AIDS.

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