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Urdu Poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz Anniversary Today

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One of the most influential intellectuals, a revolutionary poets and most famous poets of the Urdu language, Faiz Ahmed Faiz is being remembered on his death anniversary today (Tuesday).

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Faiz Ahmed Faiz was born in 1911 at Sialkot. He began his career as a lecturer in English at Amritsar.

After the second World War, he turned to journalism and distinguished himself as the editor of The Pakistan Times.

He was charged with complicity in the Rawalpindi conspiracy case and was condemned to four years’ imprisonment in 1951. The jail term gave him a first-hand experience of the harsh realities of life. Two of his books, Dast-e-Saba and Zindan-Nama are the products of this period of imprisonment.

As a poet, Faiz began writing on the conventional themes of love and beauty, but soon these conventional themes get submerged in the larger social and political issues of the day.

The traditional grieves of love get fused with the travails of the afflicted humanity. This turning away from romance to realism, from Eros to Agape, is beautifully suggested in his poem.

In the matter of diction and style, Faiz may be called the inheritor of the tradition of Ghalib. His admiration for Ghalib is also reflected in the title of his first published work, Naqsh-e-Faryadi.

Faiz is a “committed” poet who regards poetry as a vehicle of serious thought and not a mere pleasurable pastime.

An admirer of Karl Marx and a poet of the people, Faiz was honoured by Soviet Russia with the prestigious Lenin Award for Peace and his poems have been translated into the Russian language.

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