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US Plans to Deploy Troops in Pakistan claims British Paper

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The troops will be apparently deployed to protect Pakistan’s nuclear installations.A British newspaper has claimed that the Obama administration can deploy its troops in Pakistan in case of a terror threat to the nation s nuclear installations.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

However, the Pakistan military officials have rebuffed the idea, saying the army is fully capable of protecting the country’s nuclear assets.

The British newspaper claimed that the United States would deploy its troops in Pakistan in case Al Qaeda posed a threat to the nuclear assets to avenge the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Obama has approved a plan to parachute US troops in Pakistan Air Force headquarters in Sargodha and key missile sites to protect the nuclear installations.

According to sources, the plan has been prepared fearing any terror threat to the US national security.

“The US places its own national security issues above all other sovereignty issues,” the sources claimed, adding that Pak-US relations were at the lowest ebb due to the alleged plan.

The Pakistan Army did not need any foreign assistance as it was fully aware of its responsibilities, military sources claimed.

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