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Veena Malik is Vampire

Posted by on Monday, April 2, 2012, 10:50
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After her bold and sexy appearances in Bollywood, Pakistani drama queen Veena Malik will play a terrifying vampire in her latest Bollywood film ‘Mumbai 125Km’.

Veena Malik is Vampire
Veena Malik is Vampire

Veena Malik seems to believe in versatility for which she strives to get in variety of roles that goes from sexiness of Channo to the horror of spooky ghost. Yes, Veena Malik has geared to appear as the strong lead in Telugu filmmaker Hemant Madhukar’s latest Bollywood horror movie ‘Mumbai 125Km’.

‘Mumbai 125Km’ is a second original Hindi 3D Movie. At the last day of its shoot actress Veena Malik with her co-star Karanveer Bohra and team, was very excited.

“Mumbai 125 Kms is a very strong character because it is not a typical character. I am not romancing or anything with anyone. It’s a very strong character, which has thrill, horror, beauty and beast”, Veena Malik said when asked.

Best of luck for Veena Malik, we hope she will be the most glamorous vampire to be seen in a horror film to date!

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