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Watch 10 year Old Girl Tortured Video (Multan)

Posted by on Thursday, November 4, 2010, 11:19
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Multan Pakistan Maid Brutally Tortured Video by lawyer to avert Evil Spirits .Multan PakistanNishter Hospital’s Dr Tasleem Kausar confirmed that the girl named Sapna was severely tortured.
Torture marks, using hot iron and rods could be seen on various parts of her body. The girl’s eyes were also puffy due to excessive beating and blood clots.
Sapna told Express News that Advocate Mujahid used to take her and his wife to a witch-doctor, who subjected her to severe torture.
She said the lawyer had kept her hostage for the past week, and that she escaped to a neighbour’s house, where she was helped to lodge a complaint with the police.
The police have since registered a case against Advocate Mujahid, who is on the run since the maid’s escape, and are conducting raids to arrest him.

10 year Old Girl Tortured Video
10 year Old Girl Tortured Video

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