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Watch Kashmala Tariq Slams Fauzia Wahab

Posted by on Saturday, December 4, 2010, 12:56
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Nine members of the National Assembly’s standing committee on finance have demanded the removal of NA standing committee’s chairperson on finance Fauzia Wahab.

Kashmala Tariq Slams Fauzia Wahab
Kashmala Tariq Slams Fauzia Wahab

The members have alleged that Fauzia Wahab has lost the confidence of the committee members and she has failed to conduct committee meetings impartially. These allegations were stated in a letter submitted to the speaker of the assembly, Friday by committee members including Shahid Khakan Abbassi, Kashmala Tariq , Faisal Saleh Hayat and Rasheed Gabol.
Earlier during the committee meeting, Wahab abruptly adjourned the meeting after a clash with Tariq and other committee members. The Committee was being briefed by the representatives of business and trade organizations regarding the ongoing debate on the Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST).
Later speaking to the media, Kashmala Tariq expressed her reservations over the bill, while committee member, Abbasi also spoke about the partiality of the committee chairperson.

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