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12 Guinness World Records Made by Pakistanis in Three Days

Posted by on Wednesday, October 24, 2012, 10:30
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Thousands of talented young Pakistanis made twelve Guinness World Records during ongoing Punjab Youth Festival-2012 in Lahore, Media reports.



Earlier on Saturday, a massive gathering of 42,813 sang national anthem together and succeeded to make a new Guinness World Record after breaking Indian world record.

Pakistani youths continued making Guinness World Records one after the other in ongoing youth festival in Lahore on Sunday as well.

Ahmad Mobin Bodla hit 616 nonstop kicks and made a new Guinness World Record while another youth Muhammad Noman made history by completing electric plug wiring within 35 seconds.

Another youth, Muhammad Mansha, cooked three chapattis in three minutes and fourteen seconds and made a new record of fastest chapatti cooking.

Two talented youths Qamar Rizwan and Daniel Gill tossed a football on their heads for nonstop four minutes and forty six seconds and managed to enroll their names in Guinness Book of Records.

An intelligent little 12-year girl Mehak Gul arranged all pieces in just 45 seconds on chessboard and made a new world record while Muhammad Saddi Ahmad pulled a truck up to 43 meters to enroll his name successfully in Guinness Book of Records.

One fast and brilliant student sealed fastest cricket kit wearing’s world record and anothr set world record of maximum push ups while two other vigourous Pakistani youths secured world record of frog jumping.

Two youths Muhammad Ahmad and Abdul Mujib failed twice to make record of wearing maximum tea shirts while some other youths could not succeed in making a table tennis record.

Another Guiness World Record of largest human picture was made together by 1,934 youths on Monday. Later on same day’s evening, twenty four thousand and two hundred youths made a largest human flag and created history by grabbing another Guinness world Record.

The Guinness Book of Recordsโ€™ officials, visiting Lahore, were so impressed by Pakistani youthsโ€™ spirit and unique talents as these talented youths grabbed twelve world records during last three days.

It is expected that many more world records will be set by Pakistani youths in coming days.

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