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Altaf Hussain Warns MQM Leaders to mend Ways in Week

Posted by on Friday, September 5, 2014, 11:37
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Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain

Calling senior party leaders on the carpet for failing to live up to his expectations, London-based politician, Altaf Hussain Thursday –yet again– shocked his worker by announcing he was quitting Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) as its supreme leader, media reported.

“I cannot shoulder the weight of this leadership any longer. You better find a suitable person, who could oversee the Rabita (Coordination) Committee and other party matters”, Hussain said while tele-addressing a large number of followers gathered at MQM headquarters ‘Nine Zero’.

Interrupting their beloved as well feared leader, the cohorts unleashed a cacophony of chants. The Lal Qila ground, venue of the public meeting, reverberated with chants: “Altaf, Altaf, Altaf, Altaf. We want the leader not the destination.”

“We will not let anything happen to you. Feel free to return to your homeland. We will guard you with our lives”, said his emotional workers reacting to Hussain’s statement that he would bring everything in order within a fortnight if he were in Pakistan.

After a long pause, Hussain, however, told his workers, he had changed his mind for a while.

“In the name of my workers’ die-hard love for me, I am giving them another chance, but it should be taken as the last one”, said the MQM supremo.

According to sources, Hussain had convened the meeting to admonish the senior office bearers he was not happy with.

“I am talking to all the unit, sector, zonal heads. This is for you. And it is not personal. You… are going rogue. Taking self-centered decisions. And even appointing office bearers of your choosing”, said an irate Altaf Hussain.

Later, announcing restructuring of the party, Hussain said he was disbanding Karachi Tanzeemi Committee ( a organizing body) to start with.

“In a week from now the KTC will stand dissolved”, said Hussain sending a stern a warning to the senior leaders to mend their ways.

Winding up his long-winding address, Hussain said he hoped the party affairs would be running accordingly by next week.

Commenting on the threats the country was faced with, the MQM leader said, “Had he been in a position to do something he would have set out to save the country with only a few trusted comrades.”

“Unfortunately, in the given circumstances, those who should be battering each other for failing to get the country out of this crisis are instead buttering one another”, Hussain said.

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