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Baba Ladla House Raided Weapons Seized (Lyari Operation)

Posted by on Friday, October 25, 2013, 11:50
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Lyari Operation

Lyari Operation

Police and Rangers conducted a raid at notorious gangster Baba Ladla’s residence during a Lyari operation on Friday, media News reported. Bullets, five Kalashnikovs, two pistols and two hand grenades were seized during the raid.

A car parked at Ladla’s residence was also seized by the police. However, Noor Mohammad aka Baba Ladla managed to get away. On September 16, Rangers’ personnel had apprehended three of Ladla’s close aides during an operation in Karachi’s old areas.

According to a Rangers’ official, the earlier raids were carried out at the main hideouts of Lyari gang war elements on Lyari Maternity Road, Slaughter Yard Road and Dubai Chowk and at the hideouts of suspects, Jasim Golden, Baba Ladla and Ustad Taju in Lyari.

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