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Babar Awan Nameplate Removed from Islamabad High Court Bar (IHCB)

Posted by on Friday, April 13, 2012, 9:31
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After losing his place from the good books of President Asif Ali Zardari, the robust member of PPP, Babar Awan, has now lost respect in the eyes of his bothers in profession, lawyers, as his nameplate has been taken down from the building of Islamabad High Court Bar (IHCB) on Thursday, reports.

Babar Awan Nameplate
Babar Awan Nameplate

Dr. Babar Awan rose to the pinnacle of success in a very short span of time amid the initial days of Gilani-led central government. Awan won importance in President House Camp so swiftly that he kept taking over ministries one after other. He exhibited such astounding performance in form of advisor, lawyer and the vigorous orator that it took him no-time to hold position of vice-presidency of PPP.

Elements in PPP, both internal and external, began calling him Jadogar Sain (Wizard), for he had proved being better of every other member of PPP to get close to the party’s co-chairman, shortly after the incumbent government came to power.

After the movement of judiciary’s restoration, President Zardari handed over to Awan the responsibility to bribe lawyers which testified Awan dealing out hundreds of thousands of rupees among lawyers in various bars in different cities of the country.

But the fortune has shown him back so resentfully now that not only has Babar Awan lost his degree/registration of pursuing legal cases over charges of contempt of court but he has also lost vice-presidency of PPP.

However, the latest development, not much appreciating for Awan, is that the lawyers in IHCB have taken down his nameplate from the wall of the building. President IHCB, Chaudhry Ashraf Gujjar, said none would be allowed to politicize matters concerning with judiciary.

Presently, Dr. Babar Awan is in India on a 10-day visit but he should anticipate much more different as well as difficult situation in Pakistan on his return to country.

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