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Bomb Blast in Kabul, Wounding Three

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A bomb placed in a bag exploded on a road in downtown Kabul on Tuesday, wounding two civilians and an Afghan policeman, authorities said, in a relatively rare attack in the capital.

Bomb Blast in Kabul, Wounding Three
Bomb Blast in Kabul, Wounding Three

There have been few attacks in Kabul since a “ring of steel” was erected in the city before a parliamentary election last September.

The bag of explosives was planted near a bridge, but it was unclear what it was targeting, police said.

Violence is at its worst across Afghanistan since U.S.-backed Afghan troops ousted the Taliban in 2001, with record deaths on all sides of the near-decade long conflict.

Last month, two militants wearing suicide vests attacked a bus of Afghan army officers in Kabul, killing five and wounding nine.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for that assault, the first major attack in the capital since May, when six foreign troops were killed by a large suicide car bomb.

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