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Death toll rises in Lahore attacks

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Several people have reportedly been killed as at least 11 explosions shook the areas of Model Town and Garhi Shahu in the city of Lahore.

The explosions occurred in Ahmedi worship places in both the areas and were followed by heavy gunfire.

Garhi Shau

At least four people have been reported to have been killed and one police officer wounded in the ongoing operation at the premises of an Ahmedi mosque which was targeted in Garhi Shahu.

Terrorists are allegedly holed up inside the building, taking up positions on the Mosqueโ€™s rooftop and firing on security officials trying to enter the building.

Lahore Ahmedies Attack

Lahore Ahmedies Attack

Snipers have taken positions on adjacent buildings to take control of the situation.

Four blasts were heard inside the mosque itself as heavy exchange of gunfire continues.

The operation is still going on as the police is still trying to enter the mosque.

Model Town

Complete chaos erupted in Model Town following an identical attack on a mosque belonging to the same minority group.

Police officials and Elite Forces have reportedly taken control of the region.

The Police said that there were two attackers involved in the model town attack who climbed over the wall of the worship place, walked in and started firing.

They also said that the casualty toll is expected to rise.

Initial reports suggest that one of the attackers has been arrested while one might have managed to escape from the model town building.

According to witnesses one of the attackers was a clean-shaved man in western attire.

A cameraman of Express News was injured in the initial attack.ย Citizens of Lahore have been asked to remain in their homes, and media has been restricted in its movements to ensure their safety.

Rescue ambulances arrived on the scene and took several of the injured, while many wounded are still in the mosque.

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