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Defending Bilawal Zardari – Rehman Malik Cuts up Old Wounds

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Rehman Malik

Rehman Malik

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Rehman Malik late Sunday night condemned as ‘sabotageous’ the mistreatment that his party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was subjected to at a Kashmir solidarity rally staged in London, news reported.

“Bilawal, who is the true champion of the cause, went to England solely to attend the Kashmir Million March, but ‘Indian agents’ tried to gag his speech, which is highly deplorable”, Senator Malik said in a statement issued here.

Malik also alleged that whatever unfolded in London was an Indian conspiracy, adding shouting slogans against Bilawal in a bid to drown out his voice was a betrayal to Kashmiri brothers and sisters living under the crushing thumb of Indian occupational forces.

“The agents of a (political) party sabotaged Kashmir cause only for money”, said the senator demanding that those who sold out the Kashmir cause while sitting in London should be tried for treason.

Taking his tirade to the next level, an upset Malik said that mountains would come crashing down if he started giving his pent-up feelings a vent at length.

“I have no idea about what/who would be ‘gone’ if we so much as gave a ‘go-ahead’ our to our Jiyalas (party workers). If they are let loose many rallies will fail”, said he.

Warning that pushing ‘someone’ to the wall always had its fallouts, he said,” I know who used to take Rs5,000 and who a motorcycle. I also know ‘who’ was meeting ‘whom’ in the dark of the night –back in the day.”

Earlier, Bilawal  was forced to flee the podium under a hail of eggs, tomatoes, and empty plastic bottles at the march that was being led by none other than PPP Azad Jammu Kashmir leader Barrister Sultan Mahmood.

“As soon as Bilawal started speaking to the rally, some participants started chorusing ‘Go Bilawal Go’, and ‘Go Nawaz Go’ slogans. They demanded him to leave at once”, sources told Samaa.

Bilwal was escorted to safety by the Metropolitan Police of London.

According to eyewitnesses, had London police not intervened things could have gone really messy for Bilawal.

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