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Drama Queen Veena Malik Papercuts (Best of 2012)

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If you think you had enough of Veena this year, you’re probably right. There was not a single month in which she did not make the headlines. From one controversy to another, the drama queen left nothing to the imagination. Let’s take a look at how Veena made headline news in 2012.

Veena Malik

Veena Malik

Reel Life

In June, Bollywood released Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai, starring Veena Malik and Jackie Shroff.

Veena also shared her excitement in May for the remake of The Dirty Picture in Tamil titled Silk Sakkath Maga which will star her. She was concerned that her character requires her to gain weight. “I have to put on weight for the film and I am not a foodie at all. I have never had three complete meals in my life but now I will have to,” said Veena.

Spy Games and Politics

Since her FHM photo shoot, she made a few statements saying she is not an ISI agent. However, in February, the Indian courts ordered officials to investigate the possibility of Veena being a Pakistani spy.

In August, Veena was quoted saying “Politicians are the biggest comedians”. According to her, veteran politician Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed was the biggest comedian amongst politicians.

The Love Life

It seems that Veena can never really forget her former lover cricketer Mohammad Asif. In May, when she was visiting Fiji, Veena shared how happy she was to hear that Asif was released from jail and sent a message for him: “I hope he has learnt his lessons in life. Firstly, never betray a girl and play with her feelings and secondly, not to fix matches and play with the entire nation’s emotions.”


Veena wanted to repent for her sins on a Pakistani television show; but the people protested. In July, however, the show was subsequently aired. “If they want ratings, can’t they get scholars with good reputations instead of fuelling extremism by bringing such controversial figures on TV?” A Pemra official asked, adding that Veena and other televangelists are “hypocrites”.

Homesick Veena

September came, and Veena was homesick. “I do miss Pakistan a lot. After all it’s my home.”

Veena believes she has kept her roots intact and had not ended the relationship with Pakistan. “When you are a celebrity, there is propaganda and controversies related to you which are often exaggerated, but I have never crossed my boundaries. Pakistan is my country and I will go back,” she said.


In March, Veena entertained us with her item song Channo from Indian movie Gali Gali Chor Hai starring Akshay Khanna. She informed her audience that it was a “beautiful song and concept”. The exaggerated thumkas in her mini ghagra-choli were enough to get your attention, but she went a step further to show off that glow-in-the dark bra.

Veena’s reaction to naysayers: “Who will determine whether it is vulgar or entertainment? The same thing another actress does, is entertainment, but if Veena Malik does it, it is ‘something else’.”

An ode to Herself

Veena released her debut single Drama Queen, affirming that every girl will relate to it. “People do call me a ‘drama queen’, and to some extent I am one. I feel every girl is a drama queen. The lyrics of the song represent every girl out there,” she said.

Affairs and Rumours

Veena dismissed her affair with film-maker Hemant Madhurkar as a rumour. She said Madhurkar is just a friend and a talented director, and they were just good friends despite the leaked pictures of them together.

In March, Veena dismissed speculation that she was going nude for her new film Zindagi 50:50. “I have never gone nude nor does the film have such scenes. There are a few bold scenes, but they are aesthetically shot,” she confirmed.

(Yet another) Scandalous Photoshoot

Before we could forget India’s FHM magazine photo shoot, Veena shocked us again in July. She stepped out in Bangalore for a shoot for her upcoming Tamil version of The Dirty Picture titled Silk Sakkath Maga.

In December, Veena shocked us with two more attention-seeking moves. She posed for a raunchy bathtub photo shoot titled Dry Clean.


In August, Veena endorsed an Indian aphrodisiac product Power Prash for men. “If Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan could sell a pressure cooker, why can’t I sell Power Prash?” she asked. While she wants the critics to just relax, she added: “I have a bright future ahead of me. I am an actress and I am going to give my 100% in promoting my endorsed products.”

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