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Elite Force Troop Killed Clash Continues on Raiwind Road (Lahore)

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A troop of Elite Force of police was killed and some other personnel were injured overnight in a prolonged armed encounter with the terrorists on Raiwind Road, news reported Thursday.

Encounter on Raiwind Road

Encounter on Raiwind Road

Terrorists are holed up in a compound located in Pind Araiyan and employing heavy weaponry and bombs against the security forces.

According to police sources, at least three low-intensity blasts were heard. Police said the blasts may be suicidal in nature. Later, heavy contingent of police and Elite Force has been called in to capture the terrorists. Armored vehicles are also taking part in the operation.

Talking to SAMAA, SP Zahid Marwat said the armed encounter began at 2am and still continues till the filing of this report, adding the terrorists are using heavy firearms.

The police official said the security forces including the rangers, launched a joint operation against a suspected compound in Lahoreโ€™s small village of Pind Araiyan. When the security forces approached the suspected compound during the search operation, the miscreants opened gunfire on them. A policeman lost his life in the exchange of fire.

Police are ensuring that no one leaves or enters the security cordon. Meantime, the residents have also been directed through the loudspeakers of the mosques, to stay indoors away from the rooftops and windows.

The exchange of intense gunfire is still in progress.

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