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Fight Between PML-N – MQM Mars National Assembly Proceedings

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The National Assembly on Thursday witnessed unpleasant scenes when an MNA of MQM Sajid Ahmed passed an adverse comment during the speech of leader of the opposition Ch Nisar Ali Khan, and some of the PML-N MNAs retaliated following a heated exchange of words between them.

Fight Between PML-N - MQM
Fight Between PML-N – MQM

The environment of the House become tense when leader of the Opposition questioned the MQM legislatorโ€™s criticism of Dr Zulfiqar Mirza in his speech in presence of his spouse, Speaker Dr. Fehmida Mirza. On hearing Sajid Ahmed derogatory remarks, several PML-N members including Shafqat Baloch, Abid Sher Ali, Hanif Abbasi jumped from their seats and raced towards Sajid Ahem. Abid Sher Ali hurled a bundle of papers towards MQMโ€™s Sajid Ahmed.

Interior Minister A Rehman Malik, Akhundada Chatan, Khurram Wattoo, Ahsan Iqbal and other MNAs pacified both the bickering parties. Leader of the Opposition in his speech said that it was a matter of shame for the MQM for bringing the issue of Dr Zulfiqar Mirza in the House when his spouse was chairing the proceedings. He lauded speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza for showing patience last day on the onslaught of the MQM legislators targeting Dr Mirza.

Deputy Speaker Faisal Kundi expunged the remarks by MQM members against Dr Zulfiqar Mirza during last day proceedings when he chairing the session.

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