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Flood Fatalities Rise to 118 (Monsoon 2013)

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At least 118 people have lost their lives in this year’s monsoon rains and the ensuing flood as the river Indus swells and the torrent moves south from central Punjab. Sindh braces itself as a high-flood warning was issued when a staggering 500,000 cusecs of water was recorded at Guddu on the Punjab-Sindh border.



According to data released by the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) of all the four provinces, over 1,745 villages have been submerged, damaging nearly 30,000 homes. Safe areas and tent villages have sprung up in every province, with a total of 94 relief camps set up accommodating over 9,200 people.

In Punjab, as the water level rose to three times the capacity of the Taunsa Barrage – the barrage can hold 150,000 cusecs of water and the forecast predicts an inflow of over 270,000 cusecs – a high-to-medium flood warning was areas near the Balloki Headworks, district Muzaffargarh. Over 320,000 people stand affected by this year’s flood in Punjab alone.

In Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan districts, police rescue operations were under way in Shidani, Abadpur, Zahirpir, Machka and surrounding areas. Flood victims were moved to safe places using 55 boats, said Rahim Yar Khan DPO Sohail Zafar Chatta.

For Sindh, the next 24 to 48 hours are crucial due to high water level of the River Indus at Guddu Barrage. At least 24 people have died in the province already with close to 160,000 others affected.

However, on a positive note, residents of the katcha area in northern Sindh claim that the difference between the Super Flood of 2010 and this year’s floods is that in the latter, the villagers had ample time to evacuate.

Meanwhile, in Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunwa, at least 18 and 24 people have died as the hill torrents lashed the provinces, with nearly 65,000 people affected.

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