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Former President Pervez Musharraf Released

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Former president Pervez Musharraf has been released after submitting bail bonds in the court today, media reports. The Commissioner of Islamabad was informed about orders of the court, for release of Pervez Mushrraf, and he reversed notification, issued earlier for declaring Chak Shehzad’s residence a sub-jail of Adiala Prison, and restored status of Pervez Mushrraf’s residence.

Pervez Musharraf

Pervez Musharraf

The Superintendent of Adiala Prison declared, after Commissioner’s reversal of notification, that now Perves Mushrraf’s residence has gained its old status and it is no more a sub-jail.

After Superintendent’s declaration, Adial Prison’s staff, appointed at Chak Shehzad residence, started moving away from there and former president regained his freedom inside his own house again this evening.

Earlier, a local court issued orders for release of former president Pervez Musahrraf, after he submitted security bonds in two different cases.

The former military ruler was granted bail, in all four cases, and it was expected that he would be  released today, from his Chak Shahzad sub-jail residence where he had been placed under house arrest over security concerns.

Former president’s counsels submitted two security bonds of Rs. 0.2 million to Additional Session Judge Wajid Ali in Islamabad in Ghazi Abdur Rasheed murder case, with personal surety of Nazir Ahmed and Jan Muhammad.

After receiving the bail bonds and personal surety, the court issued orders to release Pervez Mushrraf.

Separately, his counsel filed two security bonds of Rs. one million at Rawalpindi Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) and that also issued release orders in judges’ detention case for the former president.

“Mr. Musharraf has acquired bail in all four cases, he was facing in Pakistan, and now he is a free citizen, no more a detained person,” the former army chief’s lawyer Ilyas Siddiqui said while talking to media in Islamabad this day.

Pervez Mushrraf has been released on bail but he cannot leave the country yet as his name is still included in the Exit Control List (ECL) of the Interior Ministry.

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