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Gas Explosion at Hotel 6 Injured (Islamabad)

Posted by on Friday, September 30, 2011, 9:59
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An apparent gas explosion at a hotel in a commercial area of the Pakistani capital Islamabad on Thursday injured six people, rescue officials said, News Reported Thursday.

Gas Explosion at Hotel

Gas Explosion at Hotel

While the blast on the Citi Hotel’s fifth floor was still being investigated, senior police official Beni-Amin Khan said the cause was “apparently” a gas leak.

“Apparently, it was caused by a gas leakage,” he said. “There is no smell of explosives and gas is still emitting from one pipe. However, we are still checking.”

An AP reporter on scene says the explosion blew out windows in the building, and debris fell onto cars in the parking below.

Six people were wounded in the blast, but none was seriously injured. The explosion damaged four rooms in the hotel, and video from the scene showed sidewalks littered with shattered glass.

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