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Gas Leakage leaves 150 Unconscious in Lahore

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Nearly 150 people including children and women fell unconscious when ammonia gas leaked in a cold storage facility in the Badami Bagh area of Lahore, news reported on Tuesday.

Gas Leakage in Lahore

Gas Leakage in Lahore

Administration sealed off the cold storage after the incident. According to sources, a cylinder went off at warehouse of the cold storage, letting loose ammonia gas that engulfed the entire area.

According to rescue sources, the gas leakage enveloped the surrounding residential areas which left nearly 100 unconscious who were taken to Mayo and Ganga Ram hospitals for treatment.

The hospital sources said condition of the affected persons was out of danger.

The residents staged a protest demonstration against the factory.

Advisor to the Punjab Chief Minister Khawaja Salman Rafique visited the Mayo Hospital and enquired after the health of the affected persons.

The rescue 1122 and City District Government Lahore (CDGL) teams reached the spot and controlled the leakage of the gas.

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