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Happy Valentines Day 2014 Beautiful Collection

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Yes, it is February and yes, the supposed day of love is looming above us all. While all the single ladies are planning a girls’ night to escape the lovey-dovey festivities, those in relationships are trying tirelessly to figure out how to make it special for their significant other.

Valentines Day 2014

Valentines Day 2014

We understand that the options are limited, but it is time to get innovative. Think outside the box to have a special day with your loved one(s).

If you think it is monotonous to just go out for dinner and have a meal that you can have any other day of the week. Here is what we think would make your Valentine’s Day more unique and special.

Make a four course meal with favourite ingredients

Ladies, and the rare species of kitchen-friendly men, three course meals are very 2008, so this year, be more creative with your meal choices. Don’t restrict yourselves to the usual soup/salad, entrée and dessert meal; make some pre-appetisers and an antipasti platter, and nothing is more delicious than some freshly baked bread. Give those cupcakes a rest and try making something new for dessert.

An activity that your significant other really wants to do and you don’t

Relationships are about compromise and sometimes, understanding what the other person wants to do. Take this day to show your significant others that you are willing to put their interests above yours. Plan an activity that you are uninterested in, but know your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend is passionate about. It’ll be extremely romantic and will express your feelings in just about the right manner.

Share a Daredevil Experience

Adrenaline rushes bring people closer together. You will be surprised how important an ingredient thrill is to the recipe of romance. So, this year, try something different. If in Lahore, one can try out activities at the X-Park, go for go-karting or rock climbing. Even ATV racing can cause the desired rush.

Areas neighbouring Islamabad offer activities such as paragliding, so it could be very special to get out for the day and check it out. Karachiites have an added advantage of the beach and ocean, so perhaps, you can experience deep sea diving and share a life-altering experience together.

Picnic For Two During the Day

The weather has been absolutely fantastic these days, so pack up that basket and head out to the park and laze around in the sun all day, munching on homemade goodies. Pack some of your favourite board games or plan some park activities that are interactive and that allow you two to bond with each other.

Charpai Chilling on the Roof

If day time relaxing is not your thing, fire things up with a bonfire, and set up an old school charpai on the roof and gaze at the stars all night long. You can also grab a telescope and make the experience more fun. For those planning a group hangout, you can’t go wrong with a rooftop barbecue.

Recreate a Fun Childhood Game

We all loved games and the activities of our childhood and there is nothing better than a real throwback to a care-free time. How about you surprise your Valentine with a picnic in a makeshift tent? Take a few bamboo shoots and some sheets to create the structure and add some fairy lights and comfortable throw pillows to create a romantic ambience. We all love presents, but nothing says ‘I love you’ better than ‘do it yourself’ projects.

So, get out there, jazz up your special day and plan something that is more fun and exciting than the Valentine’s Day usuals.

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