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How to Promote Products via Social Media

Posted by on Monday, November 22, 2010, 12:49
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In the last post we looked at ways to drive traffic to product reviews using keywords & content. Now we’ll look at promoting products & reviews via Social Media.

Promote Products via Social Media
Promote Products via Social Media

Most people immediately think Facebook or Twitter when you say Social Media Marketing. But any form of media that is “social”, or conversation driven, can be considered Social Media.

I prefer to call it Conversation Marketing, in contrast to Content Marketing which we discussed in Part 1. With Content Marketing you are the one doing the talking, by creating content and leading your visitor into a decision. With Social Media you are joining their conversation, usually on their terms and in their space.

Easily Find Current Conversations About Products

People are discussing products all over the web. In addition to doing searches they are talking about them on blogs, in discussion groups, on forums, at Facebook & Twitter, on Social Q&A networks, and inside membership sites.

It would be overwhelming to try to find and keep up with all of the conversations starting and happening every day across all of these places. Instead you want to aggregate those conversations so that they come to you as they are happening. The best way to do this is with the free Google Alerts service.

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