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Huge Massive List of Blocked, Hacked And Banned Websites In Pakistan

Posted by on Monday, May 24, 2010, 6:07
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In crackdown against blasphemous content on Facebook earlier, PTA has blocked around one thousand websites, mostly of which are proxies, a service that is used to access blocked content.

PTA officials earlier confirmed ProPakistani that Facebook and Youtube were blocked at domain level, while Wikipedia, Twitter, Flicker were blocked at URL level due to blasphemous content on these websites.

Official applauded ISPs’ role during last 5 days and said they were of immense support for blocking all the websites/URLs that PTA had asked them for.

He said, at this massive level of operation, where there are 2/3 URLs were coming every minute, some websites went blocked at domain level instead of URL level, such as Wikipedia. However, there was another monitoring team in place to make sure that implementation of orders is being done correctly.

He said that if anyone find any blocked domain is un-just they can contact special cell for the purpose at 0800-55055 or

Similarly, users can contact the same numbers and email to report any blasphemous URL that is not blocked, said the official.

Blocked Banned Hacked Websites In Pakistan

Blocked Banned Hacked Websites In Pakistan


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