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ICC World Cup 2011 Puts Students Future at Stake

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Matriculation, intermediate and graduation examinations are currently in process and more than 90 per cent of the country’s academic institutions are scheduled to conduct their annual examinations during the world cup season.

ICC World Cup 2011 Puts Student
ICC World Cup 2011 Puts Student

According to a survey conducted by The Express Tribune, many Pakistani parents think the cricket world cup has fallen at a wrong time, when many of the board examinations are scheduled around the same time. Many parents believe that the students are neglecting their studies due to the ongoing matches. They also hold the media responsible for promoting the craze of cricket, that is arguably Pakistan’s only obsession when it comes to sports.

Some of the parents also complained that the government should have announced the board exams factoring in the world cup. They said that from secondary to graduation level, all board exams play a major role in the students’ professional career and hence cannot be ignored. They believe that the future of their children is at stake.

While parents have their concerns, children are estranged about the restrictions their parents have been imposing on them concerning cricket matches. However, they think it is difficult for them to miss matches as cricket world cup has its own passion.

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