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Imran khan Insult Asif Zardari Saying Kutta & Pig

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Posted by on Wednesday, December 8, 2010, 14:06
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Imran khan Insult President of Pakistan and PPP Chairman Asif Zardari Saying Kutta & Pig.Using Abuse Language in Uk .imran khan in funny mood narrating some stories of his criket time.

Imran khan Insult Asif Zardari

Imran khan Insult Asif Zardari

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5 Responses to “Imran khan Insult Asif Zardari Saying Kutta & Pig”

  1. asghar
    2010.12.12 23:35

    ๐Ÿ˜ณ imran khan also is kutta bila i think imran khan has sell same beause they don’t know what he speak about present of pakistan asif zardari is besst then imran khan

  2. iram
    2011.02.08 21:47

    kuttay k dost kuttay he hotay hain
    jb aik kuttay ko mar pr re hoย 
    tu dosray kuttay bhonktay he hain

  3. iram
    2011.02.09 23:53

    @asghar taree ย q photee hay
    imran khan has no comparison with any politician in this whole world
    imran khan jiay
    zardarii mray

  4. Ali
    2011.02.14 18:59

    I respect Imran bahi but he should be respectful to other politician does not matter, how they are.
    Even if some one is proven not good but respect to each other is what we known as.

  5. tina
    2011.02.15 15:48

    i thnk v the pakis have tested every political party but no one has done better so far…v shud give a chance 2 imran khan…he seems determined..

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