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Imran Khan says PM House had False FIR Lodged Against Me

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Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Paying tall testimonials to the protestors for so bravely facing the violent crackdown in ‘Red Zone’, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader, Imran Khan, Sunday night said he has just had a whiff of the treasured victory, newsreported.

โ€œI salute you for your perseverance against that poisonous teargas, bullets, baton-charge, sleeplessness, hunger, etc. You have proved you are true Insafiansโ€, Khan said addressing his workers outside Cabinet Division block here.

The violence began Saturday night after thousands of PTI and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) supporters started marching towards the Prime Minister House to stage a sit-in.

Khan said that Sharif had had the police register a false case against him (Imran) and Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri under the anti-terrorism act.

“The documents I am holding in my hand is a copy of the First Information Report (FIR) that has been lodged against me on the request of PM House”, Khan told his audience waving papers at them.

He said Nawaz’s days were numbered now.

By Sunday afternoon clashes were continuing between police in riot gear and a few hundred protesters. Many protesters had come armed with batons and slingshots.

The opposition groups marched to the capital on August 15 demanding the resignation of Sharif, triggering a crisis that has raised the spectre of military intervention.

The prime minister also convened an extra-ordinary joint sitting of the parliament on Tuesday after presiding over a high-level meeting, a cabinet minister told said.

“The meeting strongly condemned the desecration of state institutions and declared it undemocratic and unconstitutional act,” the minister said.

Opposition leaders claim the 2013 election which swept Sharif to power was rigged, though local and foreign observers rated the polls as relatively fair credible.

The PTI leader vowed to protest “until the last breath” as ongoing clashes between his supporters and police outside the prime minister’s residence left three dead and hundreds injured.

Speaking from on top of a container, Khan said: “Now I ask all Pakistanis: rise up against this government. This is not a constitutional government — they are killers.

“We will continue until our last breath. I urge all Pakistanis to come out,” adding he would file murder charges against Sharif for the violence.

Earlier, information minister Pervaiz Rashid had said the government remained open to restarting negotiations.

“They wanted their demands to be met at gunpoint but still, our doors are open for talks.”

Enter The Army Statement

Earlier, Pakistan Army called on the government and protesters to resolve their differences peacefully Sunday night but ominously warned it was “committed to playing its part in ensuring security of the state.”

The meeting of top generals, brought forward a day, came after violence broke out Saturday night in Islamabad’s ‘Red Zone.’

At nightfall protesters began preparing for fresh clashes — breaking up the road to use chunks as missiles and assembling crude gas masks from cloth and plastic bottles — but the situation appeared relatively calm after the army meeting.

Dovish Start Hawkish End

The generals, gathering in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, voiced support for democracy — but also stressed their own role in maintaining security.

“While reaffirming support to democracy, the conference reviewed with serious concern, the existing political crisis and the violent turn it has taken, resulting in large scale injuries and loss of lives,” they said in a statement.

“It was once again reiterated that the situation should be resolved politically without wasting any time and without recourse to violent means.”

They added: “(The) army remains committed to playing its part in ensuring security of the state and will never fall short of meeting national aspirations.”

The statement opened with a backing for the government but ended on a hawkish note — which a senior government official said reflected differing views within the army’s top brass.

“There are some who have stronger opinions and some who have softer opinions,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Pakistan’s last period of military rule ended in 2008. But the official said another coup remained “less likely”.

“We have travelled this road for seven to eight years, so things have been tested, the institutions are much stronger,” he said.

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