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Indus River Surges with 318000 Cusecs

Posted by on Thursday, September 18, 2014, 11:06
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Floodwater of Chenab River

Floodwater of Chenab River

With Chenab starting to resume its normal flow, Indus River is steadily surging with torrent of 318,000 cusecs. The floodwater of Chenab River entered Sindh with Guddu witnessing gradual increase of water level in Indus River.

According to Flood Forecasting Division, Indus River is roaring ahead with low flood level at Guddu Barrage with inflow at 309,373 cusecs and outflow at 283,500 cusecs

An increase has been recorded in the river level in Sukkur with 190,000 cusecs.

After unfolding massive devastations across Punjab, Chenab River began to recede; however, it is still in high tide at Panjnad with 318,000 cusecs.

According to Flood Forecasting Division, the flood torrent will continue raging past Guddu and Sukkur barrages for three days and will fall into the sea after a week.

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