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Investigators Recover Arms Vehicles Blood-Socked Clothes (Safoora Carnage)

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Security agencies investigating this monthโ€™s bus attack in Karachi claimed to have recovered vehicles and weapons used in the massacre of 45 Ismaili community members, News reported.

Safoora Carnage

Safoora Carnage

According to Samaa correspondent, two motorbikes, a car, blood-socked clothes and weapons have been recovered from four suspected attackers who have been arrested by security forces.

One of the two motorbikes, bearing registration number KGZ-9899, was registered in the name of Shahid Nazeer who is being tracked down by security agencies.

Forensic reports show the firearms were used in the bus attack, sources said.

Sources claim that the suspects were associated with a banned organization.

On Tuesday, Sindh Chief Minister claimed that four alleged perpetrators of the carnage have been arrested and being interrogated.

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