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IT Recommended Legal Action Against Facebook: Pakistan

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National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunications has passed a resolution against blasphemous activities of Facebook and recommended to take international legal action against the responsible parties.

The committee meeting chaired by MNA Chaudhry Muhammad Barjees Tahir, in the very onset drew the attention of the members towards blasphemous activities on face book and desired to have discussion on it first followed by the Ministry and concerned organizations’ explanation about their performance against such blasphemous activities.

The Advisor to the Prime Minister on Information Technology and Telecommunication, Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Technology and the Chairman Pakistan Telecom Authority informed the Committee that blasphemous URL was blocked by the PTA, one day before the High Court ruling.

They also informed the Committee that no country has done any specific activity in this regard, except in Turkey where students have hacked the blasphemous websites.

The Adviser told the Committee that the whole nation wanted to take measures against blasphemous activities and we blocked, not only the face book itself, but other websites also which were linking towards such blasphemous materials.

“We shall be doing this for all times to come. Though in Christianity they create movies and pictures of their Prophet but we would not tolerate caricature of our Prophet,” he said.

The Chairman Standing Committee expressed the heart burning of Committee members on such hateful mater and put before the Committee to resolve that the Committee reject all times of blasphemous activities.

The Committee had on its agenda; to further probe into the privatization of PTCL in the light of previous meeting held on April 20, 2010; comprehensive briefing by NTC, on its performance during last two years and other items.

But, the agenda about the privatization of the PTCL was deferred for the next meeting as the Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh could not make it convenient to attend the meeting because of his heavy engagement for National budget.

Legal Action Against FaceBook

Legal Action Against FaceBook

The National telecom Corporation gave the presentation about their performance during last two years. After presentation few questions from members were also replied by the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Information Technology, Secretary Ministry of Information Technology and Chairman National Telecom Corporation.

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