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Joyfirings on Pakistan victory Against India One killed 10 Injured

Posted by on Monday, March 3, 2014, 11:22
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At least one person has lost life and ten others sustained injuries amid joy firings on Pakistan cricket teamโ€™s victory against India in Asia Cup on Sunday night, media reports.

Joyfiring Victom

Joyfiring Victom

Immediately after winning the match from India in Asia Cup-2014 on Sunday night, cricket fans opened indiscriminateย  aerial firings in every part of the country to express their happy feelings over the victory.

The youths turned out of control while dancing and loud shouting with heavy aerial firings in all key cities of the country. Hundreds of thousands bullets were fired in just few minutes in jubilation but those took one personโ€™s life and injured four others in Liaqat Colony of Hyderabad. Body of the joy firing victim and all injured were moved to Civil Hospital for the medical assistance.

Six more persons received bullet wounds amid heavy aerial firings in Peshawar. Amongst the firing victims are included two women, told sources.

All injured were quickly shifted to Lady Reading Hospital for medical assistance.

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