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Karachi Police see Plot to Trigger Sectarian Unrest

Posted by on Wednesday, November 6, 2013, 11:01
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Additional IG Shahid Hayat

Additional IG Shahid Hayat

Karachi police chief said on Tuesday that an attempt was being made to trigger sectarian clashes in the city. “Shias were killed in targeted attacks yesterday and today Sunnis were shot dead in Karachi,” Additional IG Shahid Hayat said. “But we have identified the perpetrators of these kills and they will be arrested soon.”

The AIG said that militant wing of a political party was involved in the targeted killing.

He said that police had carried out actions over 500 complaints lodged against money extortion.

To a question, he said that drug dealers killed six policemen. He said that SIMs of Afghanistan and South Africa were being used to demand extortion.

Hayat said that 1500CC bikes were being bought for patrolling police.

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