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Karachi Target Killing 4 Killed

Posted by on Wednesday, March 9, 2011, 12:21
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At least four persons including two political activists and ten other people were injured in incident of target killings in separate parts here in metropolis on Tuesday, News reported.

Karachi Target Killing 4 Killed
Karachi Target Killing 4 Killed

Imran Afridi was shot dead in Qasba Colony who was reportedly an activist of provincial committee of a political group.

Unidentified gunmen opened fire at passenger bus in Banaras Colony, killing one persons and injuring another four.

Munawwar Iqbal was gunned down near Johar Complex in a firing incident which police termed a target killing incident.

Mushtaq was killed and two other men were injured in Bheem Pura area by unidentified gunmen following which the situation in the area turned tensed.

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  1. Jawad Shah
    2011.03.11 19:08

    The security situation in the Karachi keeps getting worse day by day. The city is rife with gangs that are backed by few local political parties.The worst of these culprits is the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM); the party is literally holding the city hostage. They take protection money from the residents of Karachi, where the people need protection from them. If anyone tries to stop them they either force you to leave the city or worse, kill you. No other political party dares to offend them because they will bring the financial hub of the country to a standstill, kill scores of innocent people and then force the media to say that the MQM is the victim. How much longer do the people of this beautiful city need to endure the menace of the MQM?

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