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Lollywood Quest for Digital Effects

Posted by on Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 11:33
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The first digital film laboratory’s work might not start for a considerable time and the project has been currently shelved, sources in the ministry of culture.

Lollywood Quest for Digital Effects
Lollywood Quest for Digital Effects

The officials declared that since the Central Board of Film Censors will be dissolved by May 2011 and the subject of censoring and exhibiting films will become a provincial matter, the ministry has decided to put a halt to the proposal of the digital lab. With the passing of the 18th Amendment, the power to allow for movie screenings and production-related issues are to be directed towards each individual state. The provinces will have their own autonomous censor boards.

In accordance with the legislation, the powers of the ministry of culture will be given to each province. Hence, a digital lab becomes the responsibility of each individual province inadvertently taking the pressure off from the central government.

However, the bigwigs of Lollywood are throwing a hue and cry about the early onset of provincial autonomy. The validated arguments claim that if the federal government does not establish the promised digital lab, then any hope of the rising archive is close to miniscule as no province can afford to build the lab from its own budget.

Currently, there is no digital lab in Pakistan. Filmmakers either go to Bangkok or India to complete post-production work because of the lack of resources. Many filmmakers who cannot afford to get post-production work done in foreign labs resort to alternate methods of editing which results not only in low picture quality but also in poor sound. Filmmakers and directors complain that this is one of the main reasons that local films do not make the cut and fail at the box office.

The film fraternity has been waiting for a long time for a digital lab and strongly believe that it can save money and improve the quality of the films being released. Syed Noor believes  that the lab will serve as an incentive to make better films and will pave the way for a better Lollywood.

On the other hand, a ministry official said, “How many films are being produced in Pakistan currently? They can be counted on your fingertips. It’s not wise to make a film lab when no films are even being made”.

Filmmaker Sangeeta said, “All filmmakers unanimously agree that this one lab will prove to be beneficial across the board. This one project can help all filmmakers and the government should commit to their promise without making the subject controversial.”

Amjad Farzand, the chairman of the United Film Association has been deeply involved in discussions with the ministry on the subject and said, “Much debate has taken place on this issue and I think the location for the lab has been demarcated, (s0) I don’t think this project can be shelved so easily.”

An official, however, said that if the work on the project does not begin till May 2011 then it will become very difficult to go ahead with the project. “Only five months are left and I don’t think the work is set to start anytime before May,” he said.

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