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Meera Dirty Laundry Lands her in Trouble

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No matter what she does, controversy never leaves the Lollywood siren Meera alone as after washing her ‘dirty linen’ in public not long ago she is now caught up in a ‘litigative laundry scandal’media reported.



No one can dispute that she is an undisputed natural born scandal queen of Pakistan with a touch of unceremonious sophistication. She may not be able to articulate herself in that international language but her carnal ‘body English’ says it all.

If the nymphomaniac, whose lovers/hubbies change like once governments used to in Pakistan, was brazenly unflustered when the graphic details of her ‘hole-and-corner liaison’ with an American pilot of Pakistani origin were accidently leaked on the Internet then a legal notice is just a teeny-weeny ‘pushover’ for her.

Samaa has learnt that the management of local hotel is going to sue the ‘most wanted minx’ within seven days if she fails to clear a humungous laundry bill and collect a wide range of fancy garbs she had ordered them to dry-wash for her ‘nine months’ back –no pun intended.

Details have it that Meera owes the hotel Rs64,000 for getting her 31 gowns, seven skirts, and nine saris ‘laundered.’

So what if the ‘Enchantress of Lahore’ was not available to comment, her mother was.

Talking to Samaa, Meera’s mother, Shafqat Zahra said there was not need to make a mountain out a of molehill as her ‘overbusy’ daughter only forgot to pay the bill, which will be cleared in the due course.

Also the hotel management in the legal notice, served on the ‘overripe’ but still a robust eyeful to her millions of daydreaming admirers, has also threatened to put Meera’s ‘ravishing robes’ on auction in case of defaulting on the payment.

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