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MQM Altaf Hussain says I am not Afraid of Anyone but Allah

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Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader, Altaf Hussain, late Monday night said he for his own person was not afraid of anyone on the face of this Earth, no matter how powerful, but Allah the Almighty, News reported.

Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain

“I only fear the wrath of my Creator. No mighty mortal of the world out there can intimidate me”, said he while talking to the Co-ordination Committee in London/Pakistan, office-bearers of various wings of the MQM and constitutional/legal experts.

Altaf Hussain further said that he was in constant consultation with his legal advisers over the contempt of court issue.

“I and my lawyers are deliberating as to how we should respond to the Supreme Court’s contempt notice served upon me,” he said.

MQM leader also urged his party workers to have their say on whether his stand on the contempt issue could aggravate the situation at hand.

Hussain said, โ€œI am aware of the emotions of my workers but if someone thinks that circumstances would take a turn for the worse because of my determination, I am ready to relinquish the party leadership and leave politics.โ€

โ€œI appeal to the MQM workers throughout the country, voters, supporters, and well-wishers to express their views if I should leave party leadership and politics. The MQM workers, voters, and general public can contact at the MQM Head Office, Nine Zero or the International Secretariat in London to send their views.”

“They can also send their opinions through fax or email. I would place their views before the Co-ordination Committee and decide about the future course of action in the light of public views.โ€

Meanwhile, thousands of MQM workers gathered outside the party headquarter Nine Zero here in support of Altaf Hussain.

Moreover, MQM workers in Hyderabad and Mirpur Khas have also come out onto the streets chanting slogans which said, “We need the leader and not the destination.”

According to sources among the throngs of MQM workers outside Nine Zero, sentiments were scraping the skies with cohorts going berserk with grief over their leaders statement whether he should quit if his adamance was running counter to what was the desired state of affairs.

“Some devoted workers were crying with tears flowing down their cheeks. They were urging their beloved leader not to leave them as they wanted to follow his lead as ever. Their reverberant entreaties were filling the cold night sky with warm vows of loyalty and commitment”, said the sources.

Sources quoted an MQM leader as saying they have come out to register their unwavering faith in the leadership of Altaf Hussain.

“We repose in him our full trust and we want him to continue to be a beacon of light for all of us as he has always been. We are nothing without him”, said on the leaders.

Later, MQM leader Wasim Aftab, addressing the workers outside Nine Zero said that Altaf Hussian was inevitable for his followers.

“We will see him through thick and thin till the last drop of our blood. We are here to remind everyone that our pledge to our leader was set in stone”, said he.

He added that ‘they could leave MQM but not Altaf Hussain’ was their answer to their leader’s question.

Earlier, given the circumstances, an emergent telephonic address by MQM leader Altaf Hussain was expected as the workers were dying to listen from him, but MQM sources, later, said he might not speak to them tonight.

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