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Mystery Over Credentials of Reham Khan

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A UK-based college has revealed that it doesn’t offer any course in broadcast journalism, contrary to an assertion of Reham Khan, the wife of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who claimed to have studied in the college, News reported.

Reham Khan

Reham Khan

According to a London-based newspaper “Daily Mail”, Reham Khan, a 42-year-old TV anchor, had stated on her official website that she won her post as a reporter on the BBC regional show South Today after starting a postgraduate course ‘in Broadcast Journalism at North Lindsay (sic) College’, in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.

However, according to officials at North Lindsey, it has never offered such a course, the newspaper reported.

“Indeed, it does not teach journalism at all. Furthermore, they can find no record of anyone bearing Khan’s name or age ever having enrolled,” Daily Mail report said.

The newspaper quoted a spokesman as saying that “we do not have anyone by those names or date of birth having attended this college. We have never done a degree in broadcast journalism.

Although her Bachelors is in Education and she had started a post graduate in Sociology, a change in personal circumstances allowed her to follow her dream of working in Media. She started a postgraduate in Broadcast Journalism at North Lindsay College and did a 4 week placement with the BBC as part of the course. To fund the course, she started looking for jobs, eventually recieving an offer from LegalTV. After delivering highly impressive results within a month, her position was made permanent,” Reham’s official website stated about education and media career background.

Reham could not be reached for comment, writes the newspaper which had disclosed that Imran Khan had secretly married the former BBC presenter.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan’s spokesman Naeem-ul-Haq, while speaking to Samaa, refused to confirm or deny the report for now, whereas PML-N’s Abid Sher Ali called for investigation into the matter.

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