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NATO Criticizes Pakistan on Terror Fight

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NATO is sharply criticizing Pakistan for failing to rein in terrorist and militant groups on its side of the border with Afghanistan.


Top officers of the NATO-led force in Afghanistan say Pakistan needs to do more to rein in militants who are based on its territory but operate in Afghanistan.

Brigadier General Carsten Jacobsen is spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force.โ€œPakistan has done a lot against terrorists and insurgents, and paid a considerable price in blood over the last years,” said Jacobsen. “There is no question that it is not enough.โ€

Jacobsen says Pakistan needs to align itself with NATOโ€™s mission by denying militants the ability to regroup on its territory.โ€œWhether it is Haqqani, or whether it is the Taliban that are looking for safe haven and training facilities in Pakistan, they have to be fought by all of us — Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the international community,” he said.

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