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Pakistan Ban Over 800 Pages Like Facebook

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Posted by on Sunday, May 23, 2010, 12:51
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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has blocked 800 web pages and URLs to limit access to “blasphemous” material, extending a crackdown that has already banned access to Facebook and YouTube, an official said Saturday.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) banned access to Facebook, YouTube and other links, which included restricted access to Wikipedia, in view of what it called “growing sacrilegious content” this week.

800 Pages Ban In Pakistan

800 Pages Ban In Pakistan

“At least 800 individual web pages and URLs have been blocked since the government’s orders to shut Facebook and YouTube,” Wahaj us Siraj, a spokesman for the Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan told AFP.

Siraj’s remarks came hours after the Facebook user who organised an “Everyone Draw Mohammed Day” competition to promote “freedom of expression”evidently took down the page along with a separate blog about the campaign.

The competition sparked angry protests in Pakistan, a Muslim country of 170 million, although members of a well-educated, moderate elite expressed disappointment on the blanket ban on the wildly popular websites.

Siraj said that any decision to restore Facebook and YouTube access would be taken by the PTA.

The offending Facebook page attracted 105,000 fans – and five pages of crude manipulated pictures and caricatures. Pages denouncing the competition and calling for a boycott of the May 20 competition attracted far more fans.

PTA spokesman Khurram Mehran told AFP on Saturday that the authority would lift the ban only after receiving instructions from the government.

“We are just an implementing authority and we have to act on the orders from the government,” Mehran said.

Pakistan also briefly banned YouTube in February 2008 in a similar protest against “blasphemous” cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

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2 Responses to “Pakistan Ban Over 800 Pages Like Facebook”

  1. mran khan
    2010.05.25 12:56

    Summery of response:It seems, Pakistan is far behind to Modern world and Muslims are still living in Stone Age. Let me tell you “it is age of reason not religion”. If you will never allow others to criticize your religion it will never evolve and it is becoming problem for you and non-muslims too. It seems Islam can‘t stand on open scrutiny therefore Muslims don’t allow it be criticized. Open it for debates on your countries, either It will rule the world or it will become the History.
    Keep in mind “freedom of speech” on religions is pith in developed countries(Europe and American). They have left behind the religions in 17th century, most of them don’t take religion too serious so are progressing in this era. “Freedom of speech“ is non-negotiable in Modern World.
    When you ask for respect for Islam and your Prophet. You forget that prophet Muhammad himself destroyed idles in Mecca in the first place without caring other religions, Taliban in Afghanistan did the same way but never was such response. When you burn flags of other counties, is that not offensive for their nation. 
    Through out the Islam expansion period Muslims destroyed other religions not with preaching with sword too.
    When Hindus ask you to not eat cows because it is like God of some Hindus, you laugh at them. This is the way you respect other religions. 
    “Islam is religion of peace and Tolerance” is a slogan from moderate Muslims but Muslims never show any tolerance; see how your react in Pakistan showing tolerance and peace. 

    Instead of asking other to read Quran and Hadith, better read it yourself first in translation. Which state that: ”you can beat your wife.” ‘Earth is flat” “Star are made to make sky beautiful” ”Muhammad married 9 years girls while he was 52 years old” “Kill the infidels” ”Jews can’t be your friend (even there was no Israel)” “Universe was created in seven days” “Islam orders kill the apostate” There are many more contradiction of science and human right with Islam.  I know Islam is not bad but these are the issues which need to be discussed. When your religion causes “suicide bombing” “hijacking plans” “killing Journalists”. 
    After having all these issue how world can put it above criticism even there is no exception for other religions.    
    Only the problems with Muslims are they attached with religions too firmly and never negotiate on this.  Please think that your religion can be false. Keep in mind that all religions are man made. Take them seriously in every wake of life is problem now because they were make centuries ago. “Peace””Love all humanity not only muslims brothers also Jews can be your brothers if you love them too.”

    2014.01.27 21:00

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