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Pakistan Met Office Issues Cyclone Alert

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Metrological Department issued a fresh advisory Sunday regarding a potential cyclone which is likely to hit Pakistan’s coastal areas.

Cyclone Alert

Cyclone Alert

According to advisory, in Arabian Sea, the area of intense convection has concentrated into a well-marked low pressure area in last 24 hrs and now lies at a distance of about 1200km south-southeast of Karachi.

“The potential of development of Depression in next 24 hrs and a Deep Depression in next 48 hrs, after entering in North Arabian Sea, is very high. The well-marked low pressure area is likely to move north-northwest ward in next 24 hrs,” it said.

The Seas conditions along Sindh-Makran coast are likely to remain rough to very rough associated with strong gusty winds from Tuesday afternoon to Friday.

Cyclone Warning Centre (Karachi) of Pakistan Meteorological Department has warned the fishermen of Sindh and Balochistan.

Sindh – Fishermen of Sindh are advised not to venture in open sea from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday.

Balochistan – Fishermen of Balochistan are advised not to venture in open sea from Wednesday to Friday.

All stakeholders and concerned authorities are also advised to keep themselves abreast about weather advisories of PMD in next few days to cope with the situation.

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